Our Spine

The Golden Rules of Back Care

Pain is a warning sign - do not ignore it.

Make small, but frequent, changes in your sitting or standing position.

Never bend when you can kneel or squat.

Do not cough or sneeze in a bent position

Do not work for too long in one position - take a break.

Prepare yourself properly, remembering to bend your knees, when lifting a heavy weight - and do not twist.

Distribute heavy weight equally when carrying.

Avoid anything that causes pain. Do not struggle to "get through the pain barrier". Your body is telling you that you are overdoing it and potentially causing damage.

Avoid doing your heaviest or most prolonged work during the first two hours of your day.

Never sleep on your front.

Never sit, stoop or bend for prolonged periods of time.

Adjust the seat in your car properly.

Climb up rather than reach up.

Sleep on your side [in the foetal position] using one/two feather pillows on a reasonably soft but firm, supportive mattress.

Do not read or watch TV in bed, if you must, then lie on your side with your head resting on pillows, not propped up on your elbow or on your back propped on a pillow.

Sit on a firm but cushioned chair that has a back rest and cross your legs at the ankles only.

If you have back pain, do not stay in bed for prolonged periods-bed rest can slow your recovery.

Never take exercise without a warm up and cool down.


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